I loved this make your own music sentiment that came with this month’s Hedgehog Hollows kit, it screams just be yourself to me, and that’s always a good thing.

So first an apology, there should have been a video with this card but I’ve been having laptop issues recently and it’s vanished, so it just little old me and some written instructions.

  1. Cuts the mats to fit the size of your card blank
  2. Repeatedly stamp the text stamp to cover the whole of the background. I used one of the bright new neon colours from Maker Forte.
  3. Using the side of a card or a knife scrape some ink over the top. I used the same Purple that I used to stamp the sentiment.

4. Choose I few of the different instruments and music themed shapes from the ellement packs in the kits, leave some white and cover the rest in different heat embossing powders.

5. Stamp your sentiment, then stack and glue them inplace on the background.

Thank you