Hello friends! Today I’m using the March Kit to try my hand at a Zentangle®-style T-Shirt design.

If you Google “Zentangle®,” you’ll find thousands of different designs to draw, and usually the instructions on how to do them, too.

The basic idea is to draw four corner dots, connect them with a light pencil line to make a border, then lightly draw another line (called a string) inside the border to make sections. It’s inside these sections where you draw your designs.

For my shirt today, I made a heart border and drew the string from top to bottom, adding a couple of twists and turns along the way.

Since I was doing a video, I pre-planned some of the design in pencil before I started in with the black Artesprix marker. Watch how it came together below!

Niki (@cardstoq on FB, IG, TW, and PIN)