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I am excited to share today’s post, we have been searching the internet for everyday items around you house that make great crafty organization!

Making Crafts from Household Items for Your Art Tools

Every crafty person knows just how messy a house can get when you work on projects. Add to this the problem of having a big stash of arts and crafts supplies that you never have enough room for.

The good news is: not only is organizing all of your art supplies possible, it’s also an art in itself. You don’t even need to buy expensive storage equipment in order to house them. Instead, you can transform household items into storage containers. All it takes is a little ingenuity! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Shutter Washi Tape Organizer

Image Credit: Crafting in the Rain

Have several washi tapes in need of organizing? Well, since they are pretty to look at, why not display them instead? Stephanie of Crafting in the Rain found another purpose for her unused shutter, and that was to hang her washi tape collection. She arranged them by color, using bent paper clips to hang each tape. To keep the organizer out of the way, she hung the shutter by her craft desk.

Shoe Organizer Art Supplies Storage

Image Credit: B-Inspired Mama

Perhaps you’ll be more inspired to create something if your art supplies are in an easily accessible place. Again, you don’t need to buy furniture for this purpose. You can just use your shoe rack, assuming your footwear can be stored elsewhere, or that you have a spare one. B-Inspired Mama used her own shoe organizer to store her kids’ art supplies and placed it on her stairway door. This can eliminate the clutter, keep everything visible to whoever will use the materials, and help save space in your crafts room.

Toilet Paper Tube Pen Holders

Image Credit: Aunt Peaches

It can be a hassle when you’re in the middle of a project and you suddenly have to spend time searching your drawers or pencil case for a particular pen. Well, you can make a pretty pen holder just by using items that would have otherwise been discarded. Foxy Bingo claims you can transform toilet paper tubes into attractive desk organizers by using washi tape and other decorative materials. You can even use the tubes as compartments in a shoebox. Take a look at Aunt Peaches’ marker caddy project for reference. And do note: the only crafty thing she did here was cut the tubes so that they’re the same height.

Tic Tac Ribbon Organizers

Image Credit: Pretty Prudent

Leftover ribbons and trims are tricky to store, since they can easily get tangled together. To solve this problem, Pretty Prudent resolved to use Tic Tac containers to organize her ribbons. The results are genius! This solution not only lets you display your spools of ribbon in a neat manner, but it also prevents them from getting jumbled up. If any member of your family is a fan of Tic Tac, then this is the perfect opportunity to put those containers to better use.

Are you inspired yet? These are just few of the many household items you can turn into your very own crafts containers. For more tips, you can also read this previous post on how at Hedgehog Hollow we tackled our own storage problems. We would love to hear your own suggestions too, so let us know in the comments below.

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