Hi Hollowers!

Welcome to our weekly Shakeology recipe.  I was intending to start a new 21 day fix last Monday, but let’s just say life happens! Maddi was in hospital for tests on Monday, but I did get a shake in before the end of the day, on Tuesday Greg had commitments and I needed to sort Maddi’s new treatment out, again I got a shake in but no workout, Wednesday was manic getting a video in for an upcoming project with a vendor and then Thursday was preparing for Simon Says Create and packing Maddi up for her camping trip, Friday and Saturday were loooong and Sunday has been fun at the Akron show, picking Maddi up, getting homework done and everyone ready for a new week, so let’s say it was a test run!  Eating wise I did OK, I cooked some yummy but healthy meals, tomorrow is spaghetti bolognaise…Greg’s favorite!  My plan it to call tomorrow day one, hopefully this week is just an easy, dull and boring one!  I think sometimes life happens to us all and we have to accept that and just make next week better than the last!

However, today I have an amazing shake recipe discovery for you!  I think this tastes just like Nutella, whether you choose to use peanut butter or hazelnuts with some extra liquid to give the right consistency the tastes seems to end up quite similar, I use an organic low fat PB and it seems easier to me and seems to have a nice consistency with all the Nutella flavor!  Here’s your recipe….

Nutella Style Shakeology

Chocolate Shakeology Base (1 scoop or packet)

Generous teaspoon of Peanut Butter (I eyeball a nice dollop!)


1 small container of hazelnuts (you will need a splash of water to keep the right consistancy)

8 fl oz of base (I use a coconut and unsweetened almond milk mix)

1 small tsp of sugar free chocolate Jello (the Aldi one is really nice and only 49 cents!)

Ice (I use around 8 cubes)

You will want to give this one a good blend, but it is sooooo yummy, this month I ordered a bag of chocolate Shakeology to see what ideas I can come up with and I will rotate through all the flavors so I can keep sharing new ideas with you.  Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you are enjoying these recipes, you can of course make this with any protein or nutrition shake base or just as a traditional milkshake, if you want to try Shakeology then get in touch with me I would be more than happy to guide you on the journey.

Join us tomorrow for lesson one on Misti corners, I know you have all been intrigued, we will be exploring what comes in the packet followed by a great one layer card.

Happy Shaking!