Hello Friends!

We have ANOTHER fun monthly theme for you! We celebrated all things inky last month, including Tonic products and the wide variety of other products that are on the market! But this month we are focusing solely on Tonic’s Nuvo range.

If you aren’t familiar with the wide variety of products that are in this range, well you’re going to learn all about them! Tonic’s Nuvo line includes the Nuvo Drops that everyone knows and love, the NEW Expanding Mousse that hit the market recently, a wide range of tools, glitters, AMAZING papers, and so so much more! Every day we are highlighting one product in the Nuvo line, we can’t cover all in the month, but we can cover most.

Today I’m talking about Jewel Drops and Glow Drops. If you’re in the office with me, you KNOW how much I love all things “glow.” I love all glow-in-the-dark things! And the Jewel Drops are just the perfect touch of subtle color!

We hope you’ll join us on Instagram where we intend to share our information on all these amazing Nuvo products. You’ll want to follow along Tonic AND Hedgehog Hollow’s IG accounts, we’ve got several guests designers that you’ll want to check out too!

Thank you so much for following along!

Happy Stamping!

Alexandra & The Prickle