Hey friends! It’s Victoria and I am back with a fun stamp organization project!

If you are in need of a storage solution for your stamps, look no further! Today, I am sharing two awesome storage products by Stamp N’ Storage. These items are included in the May 2020 Hedgehog Hollow Subscription Box!

Included in this month’s kit are the Stamp Card Pack (12 count) and the 6×7 Pocket Pack (12 count). Both items can be used together to create a stamp storage system.

The Stamp Card is made from PVC and is 0.5 mm thick. This product is perfect to use with acrylic and cling stamps and fits inside the 6×7 Pocket.

Simply remove the stamps from their original packaging and position them on a Stamp Card. TIP: Keep the printed acetate sheet that comes with your stamp set so you can easily see the stamp design through the pocket.

Optional: If you need an additional method for seeing your stamps in the clear 6×7 Pocket, grab a piece of solid card stock (color or white) and trim to 6×7 inches (size of the 6×7 Pocket). Position the card stock behind your stamp set.

Repeat this process for all of the cling and acrylic stamps in your collection! Also, don’t forget to add a label on the tab of the 6×7 Pocket. I used a labeling tool to print clear labels for each of my stamp sets.

That’s it…a great stamp organization system for your cling and acrylic stamps! These pockets can be easily stored in a storage container or bin of your choice.

We hope you enjoy the Stamp N’ Storage 6×7 Pocket and Stamp Card sets!

Before you go, tell us…do you have an organization system for your stamps? Post in the comments section and tell us about it! Thanks for stopping by!