Hello Hollowers!

Welcome to Part 5 of our 2018 Gift Guide! Today we’re talking all about our favorite planners of 2019! I’m not sure if you remember or not, but much earlier this year I went to the National Stationery Show in New York City, where I was fortunate enough to discover so many different companies with different planner options.

Now we know that choosing a planner is a very personal choice, I personally love my Erin Condren planners, however, there are so many different options on the market. Let us go through some of them:

Our first planner isn’t really a planner, it is more of a culinary notebook of your life. Lily & Val have created one of our favorite finds. How great is their Kitchen Recipe Keeper, GREAT for keeping track of those heirloom recipes and memories, or for creating new ones! Head on over to the Lily & Val website and use “HEDEHOG15” for a discount code!

We don’t have a video from the National Stationery Show, but we do have a few fun photos, some of them include our intern Amber!

Amber and I in New York City!

Isn’t the view from our hotel AMAZING! We LOVE Hilton!

Not really planner related, but we had to share these incredible projects by Low Poly Crafts. We recently did a video about these paper projects, the ladies in the office simply LOVE making them! We will have a video very soon!

Just look at this haul from the show! We came back with so much inspiration and fun goodies!

OK, back to planners!

I am an Erin Condren fan, a HUGE fan, I have several that I use for a variety of different reasons. I like the EC Lifeplanner in a Horizontal layout. Not shown in the video is the amazing Teacher planner, which is GREAT for so many professions besides teaching. Also, the Half Size Life on the Go which is also known as the Delux Monthly Planner is FABULOUS! Don’t forget about EC’s Notebook!

If you follow us at all, you’ll know how much we LOVE Catherine Pooler! CP just recently started her newest line, the Canvo line, which is an EXCELLENT bullet journaling system.  Her paper is so so thick, you can’t see your stamping through it. Speaking of stamping, she just came out with her inks in a mini size!.

I also loved the new planner by Rifle Paper Company, it is absolutely worth checking out!

The Infinite Agenda Planner donates to a different charity depending on which color scheme you choose, all of the charities support strong women. LOVE that!

Webster’s Pages also provides an excellent planner, it was one of Hannah’s first planners, back in the day.

Last, but certainly not least, is Please Notes. They have WONDERFUL guided positive affirmation journals. If you are like Hannah and struggle with what to write in a journal, guided journals are the way to go, they provide prompts for you to consider and write about.  Plus use ALEX10 for a special discount!

We hope that you found this guide helpful! Let us know if you love planners like we do!

Happy Stamping

Love Alexandra and the Prickle!