Hi Hollowers!

I am all about sending a card and actually mailing something, but when it comes inviting girls that are nearly teenagers to a birthday party that’s not a party it’s so hard! Plus its in the middle of summer so Maddi can’t hand out those invitations in school.  I could just send the parents a generic text but that feels really impersonal to the carmaker in me, although the Mum in me is totally up for the convenience!! Perfectly timed I got an email from Paperless Post asking if I would try out their service and it was perfect for the occasion!!

Paperless Post is exactly what it says on the tin (insert Ronseal reference for all the Brits out there!!).  It allows you to create pretty email invitations, that have completely customizable options for a thoughtful touch, I’m taking this as a ‘handmade win’!! It was super simple, you purchase coins depending on how much you want to customize, number of recipients, etc.  I thought I would take you through the process, you can check out Paperless Post by clicking here.

First of all you can choose your invitation shape and theme, we chose unicorns but theres parties for every age group, boy, girls and any theme; even wedding and BBQ invitations!

Paperless Post provided me with some credit to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

You can customize colors as you could like and insert all your part information on the back, it really does feel like a real invitation!

Now for the kicker, I have always been a geek and I was a HUGE -postal- stamper collector from an early age so this had me geeking out that no only can I choose my envelope color and style, but also the e-stamp!! Oh and did I mention you can choose an insert paper for your envelope too?!?! The millennial in me is loving this, so is my paper crafting soul and inner geek! If only I had the option to print them too!!

They even think of the eRSVP, you can pick an RSVP card, size, color, etc!

Add in your recipients and you are all done!! So simple and perfect for tweenagers!!

I really did love creating these for Maddi’s upcoming birthday party; it’s such a neat idea and you can carry a party theme all the way; it’s super convenient if you are inviting 1 or 100; plus whether its a neighborhood party or a wedding where you guests are from across the world this will work for you!  Hope you enjoyed this new little gadget of mine, don’t worry I’m still making lots of cards and all sorts of paper crafting!

Happy Stamping

Alexandra & The Prickle (including the soon to be 11 hoglet!)