Hello! It’s Kari. Last time I posted, I showed you how to use the Artesprix Heat Transfer Markers with a Silhouette. It got me thinking of ALL kinds of projects I could do! (If you haven’t seen the video I posted last week, click here to take a look).

So I went shopping. I searched for all the things that had polyester! I have to admit, this was kind of fun. I found these pillowcases and I thought a pillowcase would be great for a gift for my granddaughters!

I found an image that I liked and imported it into the Silhouette program. Then I flipped it horizontally by clicking: “Object — Mirror Image — Flip Horizontally” This will transfer the image the correct way.

I colored in the eyelashes with the black marker, the Sweet Dreams with the dark blue marker, and the stars and moon with the yellow marker.

How sweet to find this (along with chocolate) when my granddaughters come for a slumber party!?

I used a regular iron to iron this on, taped it down with the heat transfer tape, and set my timer for 4 minutes. I held the iron over the image for the entire 4 minutes, picking it up when I needed to re-set my iron so it wouldn’t turn off.

Don’t forget to place the cardboard piece in between the layers of pillowcase so you don’t get bleed-through on the other side!

I think it would be cute to create a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” pillowcase with these!

I’m pleased with how this project turned out!  I hope you like it too…and I can’t wait to see what projects you create!

Until next time, I wish you all sweet dreams. 😉