Hi Hollowers! Happy May day holiday to all those in England.  I must admit i’ve never been much of a scrapbooker of my own pictures; although I have scrapped hundreds of other peoples!  Anyway, a couple of days ago Greg grabbed his camera and shot some gorgeous pictures of Tilly that I thought I would give project life ago (as I do have everything sitting on my shelf!)  This was the outcome…

project life 2
I am completely in love with the whole scrapbooking system.  it is so quick and easy but looks amazing.  It is also so nice to print out some pictures for a change and have an album to flick through.  The card sets are fab too, I bought a variety pack of pages which give you different layouts for square, small and full size photos.  The cards come in each size too; the box I used was Hello Baby Girl; they are double sided too so I can use them for some more pictures if they fit, if not I can slot something else instead.  I am a project life convert and will be doing lots more of these pages, be sure to check back to see my progress, you can use the project life tag under this post to find all related posts. Here are the supplies I used if you haven’t given it a go yet….

Happy stamping and thanks for stopping by!