Halloween theme event planning made fun!

Decorating for Halloween is a top favorite.  When fall comes around each year, we pull out all of our fall decor.  Halloween theme decorations explode come October.  Everyone seems to stick with the same traditional decorations like spiders, candles, webs and pumpkins.

Pumpkins can be all types of themes.  Fun for the kids, scary for the teenagers or artistic for the adults…  And pumpkin pie for everyone in between!

We made our pumpkin decorations out of fake pumpkins this year and spray painted each to our liking.  We went with fake pumpkins because It’s the very beginning of our Halloween theme season and I don’t want the pumpkins decomposing on the front porch like a biology experiment.

First I spray painted Pumpkins.

Halloween theme pumpkin decoration 2

We sprayed our plastic pumpkins a few colors, and one color you wouldn’t expect.

We sprayed a couple pumpkins BLACK.  Yes this is one color you would think to use.

SILVER was another color we sprayed.  Another color you may use for your Halloween theme.

Two other colors off your radar were PINK and METALLIC BUBBLE BATH.  You read that right… Metallic Bubble Bath.  Nothing says Scary Halloween like metallic bubble bath!

Halloween theme pumpkin decoration 3

We spray painted the pumpkins and melted colorful wax with good old fashioned Crayola Crayons.  Some of you may remember when I melted all 120 Crayola Crayon Colors onto canvases with the Crayon Melter.

120 melted Crayola crayons Canvas halloween theme

I’ll post that fun project video at the bottom of the post for you too!

Melt Stuff for your Halloween Theme!

To melt the crayons over the pumpkins for this Halloween project – I used the Wagner Heat Gun.

Safety precautions:  Heat crayons in a well ventilated area, you may want to use heat resistant gloves to hold the crayons or tape crayons to the stem and heat.  And never, ever, ever eat the crayon!

Halloween theme pumpkin decoration with Wagner heat gun

Halloween theme pumpkin decoration and Wagner heat gun

I began heating a few crayons at a time by holding them in a bunch.  I switched to single crayons to have more control of where the color ran down the pumpkin.

Metallic crayons went well with pumpkins spray painted black.

The cool thing about melting crayon art is it can be for all types of holiday decorations.

A few fun ideas to melt crayons onto are:

  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Easter Eggs
  • Blank Canvases
  • Globes
  • Paper Mache
  • Candles
  • Rock Art
  • Melt them into pre shapes like heart shaped muffin trays.

Melted Crayons + Wagner Heat Gun + Pumpkin = Fantastic Halloween Theme


Written by Sean Reed





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Happy Crafting!

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