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Happy Monday! Since Greg got into cardmaking he asks lots of questions about my tools and the other day he found an old scoreboard in the basement as asked why I didn’t use it, as few of you have asked why I like the Scor-Buddy so much too so when I was in Joann I picked up the new We R option as well and thought I’d get to work on a review for you!

There are so many scoreboards on the market, if you’re new to paper crafting you might be wondering if you need one.

Well, do you?

Let’s first answer what a scoreboard does: A scoreboard helps score your cardstock allowing for a clean and crisp fold. If you’re a card maker, like I am, then you know how great a crisp clean fold is!

You might think that you can fold paper yourself, without extra tools. While you can, your fold might not be as firm and you may find that your paper fibers are breaking. A scoreboard solves both of those problems.

There are a variety of different scoreboards on the market, I know I have my favorite, and I’ll show you what it is in this video:

You can see that nearly all scoreboards look the same, with some minor variations. And, can you see why you need one?

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Thanks so much for stopping by the Hollow today, I hope you found todays review useful; if you have any video requests, feel free to pop a comment below or on our YouTube or pop a mail to us through the Contact the Hollow button in the menu bar.

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