Hi Hollowers,

Welcome to another week here at Hedgehog Hollow, this week I have an amazing shake recipe for you…Chocolate Orange! In England at Christmas a Terry’s chcolate orange was my traditional favourite, I haven’t found them here in the US (sad face).  However, when I had a shakeology I wondered if I could recreate it and the good news is yes! So here is homage to the amazing chocoalte orange…just tap and unwrap!

Chocolate Orange Shakeology Recipe

8 fl oz of base (I like an unsweetened almond milk and coconut water mix)

1 packet or scoop of chocolate shakeology

1/2-1 tsp of pure orange extract

Extra chocolate blast: 1 tsp pure chocolate extract or 1 tsp of sugar free chocolate Jello

1 tablespoon of orange rind (optional)

Ice to taste (I had about 8 cubes)

There’s lots of customisation options here depends how much chocolate and orange intensity you like, I add it all for a nice balance.  This is such a great flavour combo, not only does it satisfy my chocolate craving and give me a taste of home its citrus blast cuts through that post workout sweat! You could easily make this as a full fat milkshake with ice-cream if you are not on a healthy eating plan too!

Today also marks the first day of my second round of 21 day fix! I shall update you on my progress next week.  Our refrigerator broke so I added an extra week off and with Greg being away last week Maddi and I indulged in everything we fancied!!

Join us tomorrow for a card project, something I made a few weeks back, it will be a photo post, super easy to make but so pretty.  I am working on a special video series with a brand, I am part of a new challenge and design team, plus I took last week off to spend with Maddi as she had an extended Easter break.  I hope to have a video tutorial for you later in the week too as I have a great idea I need to show you!

Happy Shaking!