Let’s face it; making a dude card is difficult. So today, I’m going to share my secret for making amazing cards for guys using simple paper layers that pack a punch!

Hi! It’s Jill from Jill Cameron Creations on this first day of April. It’s a new monthly kit from The Hedgehog Hollow, and let me tell you it is fantastic! Bow ties, cigars, and man glitter! What more could anyone want?

simple paper layers that packa  punch man cave card

Now, paper layers might not sound like a big secret or all that special, but I promise it really is an amazing way to create a card. Here are the two most important parts of the paper layers:

  • Make sure to create texture within each layer.
  • Use a bold color combination.

Create Texture within Each Paper Layer

Creating texture within each layer doesn’t have to be a scary thing. This just means to add a little something to the paper. For the “Man Cave” card I used stitched rectangle dies to create a different feel for each paper layer. Also, I used a background stamp and the same color ink for a tone-on-tone look. This creates more depth in the card through added texture.

Use Bold Color Combinations

This one is a little trickier. I like to search Pinterest for my color combinations. I used the same color combination is a different way for my second card.

On the first card, I used the color combination of dark brown, copper, light blue, and burgundy. The bulk of the color was in the different paper layers. The “Man Glitter” card uses ink to reflect the bold color combination.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoyed these cards and tips today. Don’t forget to head over to the shop and get your April Hedgehog Hollow kit before they are gone!

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