Hi Hollowers!

I love reprising an old technique.  This one first came to mind when Tilly found an old christmas project I had painted with bleach, then my memory was jogged when I found an old bleach pad and I remembered whilst preparing for our Facebook live what a disappointment it was! I knew this medallion as the perfect partner with my distress oxides to showcase such a lovely set.  When Neat & Tangled sent me their march release I had lots of ideas with this medallion and I have another sample made up ready to video really soon!  First of all lets take a look at the finished card…

I love the possibilities with this set, whether it be building medallions, making flower scenes or using it as a lovely background.  Can you see how the bleach pulls back the purple to a lively shade of blue too?

Now for a full tutorial on how to stamp with bleach, please make sure to thoroughly wash your stamps afterwards as you don’t want any of that bleach transferring to future projects or ink pads!

***Please do not add anything to your bleach (especially ammonia), I mis-spoke talking about ammonia as the ingredient in bleach it is in fact choline and the two mixed together are dangerous, just use it straight out the bottle!!***

The supply list is really short for this one! First of all the stamping supplies and then the amazon items I referred to!

I hope you enjoyed me reprising this old technique, I have more posts with bleach coming up too on how to get shading on flowers, it’s one of those magical techniques that makes you go wow every time! Thanks for stopping by & Happy Stamping!