Ever since I got these two Nuvo Embellishment Mousse colors I’ve been dying to blend them together over a stencil. The background for today’s card seemed to be the perfect chance to give it a whirl, don’t you think? I wanted to show you how easy it is to combine mousse colors; if you’re careful, you can get some pretty cute marbled looks with just a few colors. I know you’ll be trying all sorts of combinations soon!

I added an embossed heart from the Finding Your Way stamp set as the main embellishment, and I also popped a sentiment in there from the Geometric Love set. To keep as many of the pretty arrows visible as possible, I embossed the words onto a piece of vellum cardstock. Then, I sprinkled the corner with rose gold sequins and some black pearls for contrast.


Here’s my video for today’s project. Enjoy, and happy stenciling!

<3 Niki (@cardstoq on IG, PIN, TW, and FB)