How can you take a stencil and make it instantly Christmassy? Well, you can use lots of red and green glitter!

Included in the November 2019 Hedgehog Hollow box, you receive two pots of Nuvo Sparkle Dust, which is a very fine glitter, perfect for this technique.  You also receive this fun stencil!

To create my card, I used a technique I recently saw Jennifer McGuire do, and just had to try it out with the sparkle dust.  I took a piece of double-sided adhesive and adhered it to white cardstock.  I peeled off the contact paper and then overlaid the stencil from the box.

I sprinkled the red Nuvo Sparkle Dust over the top of the stencil, rubbing it into the stencil and making sure it adhered.  I then used a Swiffer cloth to remove the excess and funneled the rest back into the jar.

I peeled off the stencil, being careful not to rip the cardstock underneath, and then sprinkled on the green Sparkle Dust, rubbing it in with my finger.  The dust will only stick to the areas where there isn’t already any of the red.  Tap off the excess, rub with a Swiffer cloth et voila!

I kept the card super clean and simple. I trimmed the glittered piece down into strips and popped them onto white cardstock and then popped them up on a white notecard with foam tape.  For the sentiment, I used a stamp set from the October Hedgehog Hollow box and stamped it in black ink.

This is the first time I’ve tried this technique, and it’s simply fab – lots of fun! Why don’t you give it a whirl?!

Jenny x