Have you ever tried stitching to decorate your die-cuts? It’s a nice effect and it’s easier than you think to hand sew on paper. All you need is your favorite cardstock (smooth works best), some embroidery floss, a needle, and a die-cut that’s in need of a fancy embellishment.

I used the dies and stamps from the February kit to decorate a big gift tag that I wanted to share with you today. There was an actual 5.5” x 4.25” stitched tag die in my stash, so I used that to cut out a tag from white smooth and gray Swiss dot cardstock.

Setting those aside, I started on my bee. The wings are vellum, and I cut the body twice – once from black cardstock and once from deep yellow.

I used a craft pick to plan out my stitching holes, with the yellow body top piece as a template. Then, I pierced them through with a size 22 embroidery needle before I started stitching.

You can sew in any pattern you please for this technique – I like the look of cross-stitching. The floss I used is DMC #743.


Of course, I couldn’t do a proper cross stitch on the little stinger part of the bee, so I opted for a fan-shaped design, starting from the top center hole and reaching out to each hole around it.

Once I had all the stitching complete, I trimmed off any loose threads that were peeking around from the back and adhered it all together with Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive. I also added back the top layer of the body so the stitches show through and chose two gems for eyes, then popped it into the bottom left of the tag with some foam squares.  Doesn’t it look like he’s wearing a cozy little sweater?

For the sentiment, I used a scrap of 1” x 3.25” black cardstock and heat embossed the words in white. Don’t forget to use an anti-static pouch on black paper – it will save you a lot of frustration and scraping with a craft knife. 🙂

I flagged the end of the sentiment strip and adhered it with glue tape to the top left of the tag. Then, to add a bit of shine to the design, I rummaged through my sequin stash and came up with these cute little flower sequins!

To put everything together, I layered the white tag with the bee over the gray cardstock tag and punched a hole in the top center. Then, I used a pretty checkered ribbon to tie them together.

Thank you for reading today! Be sure to take a look at all the wonderful projects here on the blog; you never know where you’ll find inspiration next!

Niki (@cardstoq on IG, FB, PIN, and TW)