Greetings Hollowers!

We have a really fun product to share with you today brought to us by Artesprix!

Many of you probably aren’t that aware of Sublimation, however, I’m sure many of you have experienced some form of it before. Can I get a show of hands of how many of you used to draw on a sheet of paper, have it shipped off, and in return you got a plastic plate or ceramic cup back? Hannah is in her early 40s and can remember doing such a thing frequently as a child. Without her knowing it she was sublimating! Or someone else was with her projects. Her family would create lovely plates every so often for posterity.

Now you are lucky, you don’t have to ship your projects off, or wait for them to be produced, you can do it right in your very own home! The possibilities are endless, you can create aprons for personalized gifts, fun oven mitts for a hostess party, even flippy sequin pillows for your friend’s birthday!

What exactly is sublimation you ask? Sublimation is a process where you take a solid turn it into a gas, and then change it into a solid again. This is usually done using heat to transform the solid into a gas. And by heat, you want to use dry heat. Check your iron, if it doesn’t have holes in the bottom you’re good to go!

The higher your quality of heat the better results you’ll get. We used our Cricut Easy Press 2 with a lot of success.  This is the raspberry one, which goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit the ideal temperature for Artesprix markers. If you happen to have a Heat Press you’ll find great success especially with padded items such as oven mitts.

With Artesprix’s markers, you’ll be making DIY gifts for everyone in no time flat! Isn’t that great! We LOVE working with Artesprix!

Happy Crafting!


Alexandra & The Prickle!