Hi Hollowers!

If you were following along on Monday’s Facebook Live you will have seen what I think has been my best invention yet! Over the weekend I did a lot of stamping (and I really mean a lot) for our launch next week and I was taking my cards in and out to spritz, add ink and heat emboss, it was taking so much time trying to get the aligned each time; until I had a brain wave…one I must say i’m quite proud of! I decided to cut down a craft sheet to the exact size of both my Original MISTI and my stamp perfect, I buy mine from amazon in 3 packs which I have linked after the video, they are the same as the Ranger ones in my opinion and i’ll give you the geeky reason why in a minute! First up is my video showing you how I use them in my stamp press as well as why these sheets are so great (I filmed this when I was really ill so please excuse my little mistake):

So there you have it, I find this an absolute God send, it cut my stamping time down for some of my big projects which you will see next week (I can’t wait to show you, you might even find a few sneak peeks on instagram @hedgehoghollow….hint hint!).  So about these craft sheets….they are originally from AGA’s in England (at least that’s were I first found them), then they became popular when Tim Holtz started using them and rebranded and the cost went up, however, I have bought loads of the ones linked below they are the best quality and price I have found after trying quite a few, and you can see from my video they are really handy! So here’s the links to all you saw…. (affiliated links used at no additional cost to you).



These are the dimensions I cut to:

Original Misti: 8.5" x 7 5/8"

Stamp Perfect: 8 3/8" x 5.5"

If you missed the previous videos on stamp presses you can catch the following on our YouTube Channel: Comparison of a MISTI & Stamp Perfect, Top 10 Stamp Press Tips, or the blog post with all the info (just click each one you want to view...or all of them!)

Only, a short one today, but I really think this will save you so much time and hassle; I am busy behind the scenes creating some amazing content and giveaways for you, so stay tuned.  Sunday will be my last major Stampin' Up! tutorial for you before we start our launch week (or it might become 2 so I can share all the amazing things I have!). Also, don't forget to visit us on Facebook for our Big Shot giveaway!

Happy Stamping!