If you are anything like I am you are finally starting your Holiday shopping. We all have a kid on our list that we just aren’t quite sure what to get. With the holidays are quickly approaching we have compiled a list of great presents for kids this year. All of the gifts on this list promote creativity or adventure and get the kids out from in front of the tv or off the iPad.

Toddler & Preschool Ages

My First Blocks | Target Amazon

This block set comes with 80 block pieces in a variety of shapes and colors. These blocks will inspire hours of play and will encourage children to recognize colors and shapes as they build on their imaginations! Great for young aspiring minds and promotes play and motor skills.

Shape Sorter Xylophone | Amazon Target

This Xylophone encourages children to sort colors and shapes, and experience music by making wonderful Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So melodies! Each kit comes with five different brightly colored puzzle pieces that fit together to form a musical instrument. Match the puzzle pieces with their corresponding holes, and then press down or tap them with the included red baton to create sound.

Mixy Squish Tabletop Creativity Desk |

This tabletop clay kit is great for many ages and can be an activity that lasts for many hours. Kids can create sculptures and figures and smash them back and store to continue play or leave out to harden.

Story Magic Dress-Up Doll Travel Playset | Amazon

Great for the traveling family. Magnetic pieces make traveling with kids easier and storage simple. Promotes storytelling and imagination through play. Great for little girls ages 4-10.

School Age

Atomic Power Popper | Amazon Target

The Atomic power popper is great for any adventurer. Great for outdoor adventures. Bright green balls are easy to find in snow so this can be used year round.

Story Magic Wooden ABC Beads

Wooden ABC beads are great for the crafter. Can use as a group to make friendship bracelets or practice spelling while having fun.

Marshmallow Blaster Bow & Mallow |Amazon

The Marshmallow blaster from Zing is a fun toy for the adventurer. It can hold up to 10 marshmallows and the tube is dishwasher safe. Great for indoor or outdoor play. May see a contest in our household about catching them in our mouths.

Trolls Aqua Beads | Amazon Target

Trolls Aqua Beads are great for craft time. Super simple to follow the directions or use your imagination and see what you can make.

Just My Style Rainbow Tie-Dye Kit |Amazon

Who doesn’t LOVE a good tie-dye day?! Kit comes with everything you need for making multiple shirts, bandanas, and more.

Pizza Party Throwdown |Amazon Target

Pizza Party throw down is a fun family game that the whole family will love. use the spatula to fling toppings in the pizza and see who can get the most toppings on the pizza before the timer goes off.

Yeti Popper | Amazon

Yeddi Popper makes a great stocking stuffer for all ages.

Chalk of the Town T-shirt Kit | Amazon

This Chalkboard Tee shirt makes having one tee shirt feel like an infinite different ones. By using the chalk markers you get a new look with every wear. Chalk of the town has many different mediums such as shirts, totes, patches and more.

Egg Mazing Dinomazing | Amazon

The DinoMazing egg decorator is a fun crafting experience for all ages. Decorate the egg and watch your dinosaur hatch again and again.

Mad Matter Bakery Activity Set | Amazon Target

The Mad Mattr bakery set lets you use their Mad Mattr to mix and mold sweet treats to play with again and again.

Mad Mattr Glow in the Dark Kit | Amazon

Glow in the Dark Mad Mattr is great add on to any of your mad mattr kits or as a stand alone kit.

I hope this list helps you wrap up your Christmas shopping for this year.

Happy Holidays

From Alexandra & The Prickle