A few years back my Grandma gave me all of her teacups. She was downsizing to move into a care facility. Teacups are the only thing I collect, but sometimes I want to jazz them up for the holidays. I create small scenes in them and perch them strategically throughout my house. I never use permanent adhesive in them because they are antiques. However, if I were to find one at a thrift store I would use a strong glue to hold it all together. I created the following teacup for my Christmas tree this year:

To create this little gem You need the sweet little Hedgehog stamp from the August box and a few items from your stash. I opted for a teacup that had a design on the inside as well as the outside. Here are the steps:

One of my least favorite things in my stash are felt ribbon. Often times I will cut apart the pieces and through the tacky adhesive band on the bottom away. Since this particular felt ribbon does not adhere well I knew it would be perfect as a back drop in the teacup.

I used pillow stuffing to create the snow. Using a wooden toothpick I pushed it into place. This cotton worked a lot like wool in that it sticks to itself nicely.

I stuck my little Hedgehog and sign in the snow making sure I covered her feet. As I was fussy cutting her out I cut off one of her legs. The stamped image was cute, so I just hid her bottom half in the snow.

I added a few snowflakes from stems I use to create winter floral centerpieces and a happy reindeer button I picked up at my local craft store. I finished it off with a small sprinkle of white glitter. This would be darling with a red bow around the handle and given as a gift for someone’s tree!

Until next time ~ Happy Crafting!

Betz Golden