Hi Hollowers!

I know Facebook’s downloads aren’t the best and I also know how much you all love a good storage and organization post, so I have refilled this weeks tips into one video for you to keep referring back to! There are affiliate links (at no cost to you) to all the items described in the videos so just click the link to purchase one of your own!  If I have missed anything just leave a comment and I will direct you to the item I have. First up is the complete video:

Now for a day by day walk-through:

We started the week with a very happy drawer! these are the adjustable drawer dividers, these come in many sizes so just pick the one that fits your space and collection:

Tuesday & Wednesday: I used the fridge bins below, I have also linked up the Q-Tip dispenser, pink electrical tape, tea light holders for glue & sand erasers:

Thursday was my new envelope storage, I have also linked up my washi tape dispenser as many of you emailed me about it:

Finally on Friday was the most versatile storage piece in my whole craft room, their are a few of the discontinued larger size on amazon or a new smaller size:

It was a great week and you all seemed to love it so stay tuned for another storage week coming up in March!

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Stamping!