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Thank you for your wonderful comments on my week 1 Beachbody diary.  We have such a wonderful community here at Hedgehog Hollow and appreciate each and every one of you for following us and checking in so often.  Today I have a round up of ink week for you, this seemed a very popular feature, so much so I thought a round up post and a YouTube video for you to keep referring back to, was the best tool to give you.  When it comes to ink the best thing to remember is:


If you want to use waterbased coloring then use a solvent ink, if you want to use alcohol coloring mediums use a water based dye pad.  Pigment inks tend to be water based so could be used with alcohol based coloring mediums, however, I suggest you either emboss them or use lots of heat drying.  Some pigment pads can also be used with water coloring mediums once they are heat embossing but you will need to experiment to see the results, on the whole I don’t recommend this.

During our live videos you will have noticed that I mention my black licorice hybrid (ALOT) from My Favourite Things (available from SSS); the reason I have moved to this pad for the majority of my black stamping is that I can use either type of coloring media or both, the hybrid pad is exactly what it says on the tin, its halfway between water and solvent based; I can use my copics, watercolors and zig pens all on the same image, no embossing required!  I LOVE this pad, it’s the only one I ever reach for these days, so much so I have expanded my collection into lots of other colours.  I am not disappointed, I tried a few of the hybrids on the market and this is my favourite so far.  I never stop trying new pads so I can share the good and the bad with you.

On the note of bad, I HATE and that is a strong word but I really do hate staz-on, its thick, gloopy, smeary and doesn’t give me a good result.  Don’t get me wrong it has it’s place, it can be good on acetate and shrinky dinks, but for any other non-porous surfaces I would rather heat emboss than use staz-on if I can help it.

Another few things worth mentioning are firstly on stenciling and blending, I still think dye inks are the best for this; I have tried hybrid with mixed results (doesn’t mean I wont stop trying!).  I have also left distress inks out of this comparison, you will see I skim over them in my video; I will cover distress inks in another week and another round up post on the whole distress range.  I have had so many questions on all the distress products I wanted to take the time to take you through them individually and show you how versatile they are, they also in many ways buck the trends of regular dye and pigment inks.

Now lets get to the videos, as always if you have any questions please leave me a comment below or get in touch using the ‘contact the Hollow’ button at the top.  Underneath the video I will link up some of my favourite pads as well as the stamp sets I use. Let’s get started…

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I hope you enjoyed this first installment, next week we will look at specialty pads, embossing powders and stamp cleaners.  I will again do a wrap up at the end for you to refer back to over and over.  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stamping!