Hi Hollowers,

Can you believe I made it twice in a week!?  The title is a little deep and meaningful for me but I was pondering this the other night.  My full name is Alexandra but most people have always shortened it to Alex (which I really dislike!) but my parents used it, then I went to school and of course it stuck!  Then I met Greg (AKA Mr. H-H) and he met my friends and in turn called me Alex.  Then I met my first husband who called me All, that was OK but everyone kept thinking of the weight loss tablets that came out shortly after and then mis-pronounced it as Al-Li like the pills.  Anyway I left him, moved back to England to re-unite with Greg and then I was Alex all over again.  As we moved to America this time he asked what I would like to use as he introduced me as he knows how much I dislike Alex ; so here-in lies my problem; so far I have introduced myself as Alexandra as I can’t settle on a shortening; I have a shortlist of either Lexie or Sasha.  The latter may seem a little random but my step-mother is Russian and she told me its how they shortened Alexandra and I also saw it on a TV show a while back and though tit was nice; then after some googling I found Zsa-Zsa (as in Zsa-Zsa Gabor – and I also have a lot of shoes!); I loved this but Greg found it laughable so that was out the window; but what difference does it really make, will people have a different impression of me if I choose a different version? Might it be easer to stick to Alex (at least everyone can spell it!)? I really don’t know!  So in short I have no idea what shortening to use and I may forever be Alexandra! All suggestions gratefully received!

Anyway, back onto crafting. Today I share with you a pinecone themed christmas card.  I feel like I always say this but I love this card! 

The card uses the pine embossing folder and then I layered pines comes and foliage in different shades and the gold cones and leaves I actually made myself; I cut them out on whisper white, i think inked them up with versa mark and used the gold embossing powder for an all over gold effect.  You can see in the picture below its not quite even which gives some depth and dimension to them so they look more realistic.

The edge I also distressed using versa mark and gold embossing powder.  I inked up the edge using the versa mark bag like you would with a color and them sprinkled over the power, the great thing was if I had over inked an area I could take it back with a paintbrush, something you can’t do with a color pad; I feel a video tutorial coming on once my new craft room is set up!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stamping!