Hello, Hollowers!

Today we’re righting about cutting machines, they are one of the most asked questions that we get; Which cutting machine should I get? Which machine is right for me?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which machine is right for you, nor can I tell you which one you should buy. But, I can tell you the pros and cons of the various machines so that you can make the best choice for you!

Let’s start with Silhouette Cameo. I used to own both the Silhouette 2 and 3, however, I didn’t find that I used them as much. The Cameo 2 was fabulous, but I felt that the Cameo 3 didn’t live up to my expectations. I ended up giving it to our Nanny, Lexi, who actually comes to work to use the Cricut as she finds it an easier machine to use. I no longer have any Silhouette products in my craft room.

So now let’s talk about the Cricut Maker and the Brother Scan and Cut DX.

We’ve created this handy chart that points out the pros and cons!

As you can see, they can do totally different things! It really just depends on what you need a machine for. Are you a stamper whose looking to save money because of all of their dies? The choice is clear. Are you a crafter who isn’t dependant on stamps, maybe you want the Cricut. If you’re somewhere in the middle, like me, maybe you need both!

Watch my video, that explains a little bit more, here:

I can’t wait to share that TV episode with you! You’ll be amazed at the foiling kit by Brother!

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That’s it for today! Happy Cutting!


Alexandra & the Prickle!